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U lipove aleje 493
107 00 Prague
Czech Republic
phone +420 724 128 971
fax +420 481 689 200
e-mail info@rihachem.com
web www.rihachem.com
US distributor Ryan Scientific
toll free 888-884-4911
phone 843-884-4911
fax 843-884-5568
e-mail sales@ryansci.com
web www.ryansci.com
Japanese distributor Namiki Shoji
phone +81-3-3354-4026
fax +81-3-3352-2196
web www.namiki-s.co.jp

RihaChem is a specialty fine chemicals manufacturing company providing building-block compounds, focusing on pyrazines and pyridines.

RihaChem develops in-house chemistry technologies, some of them unique and without any previous literature reference.

RihaChem also provides its specialized chemistry services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals and materials markets.

RihaChem has the capacity to supply its products from grams to multi-kilogram quantities and is committed to providing value to its customers through its extensive range of products, dependable quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

RihaChem is based in the Czech Republic. As an EU member state business, we comply with all international standards and practices, and we are happy to discuss our quality control.